Poliedro is a studio based on a team of architects who are specialized in tools for digital representation of architecture. We started our business in 2005 as a part of the architecture firm Leon 11. Since we started, we have had the privilege to work with various architecture offices, and to have participated in quite a few award winning projects. In addition to make 3d illustrations, videos and presentations, we offer to help with 3d animation in different stages of any project and we can also be an active part of the design process. If you want to ask for a budget please write to us at info@poliedroestudio.com indicating what type of project it is, number of images and deadline.If you want to work with us, please leave us your portfolio with your works (indicating if you have done them entirely or in which part you have participated), at jobs@poliedroestudio.com

Aniceto Marinas, 48 28042 Madrid 


0034 91 115 37 39